How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files

There are many Pay Per Download(PPD) sites, which asked you to complete the surveys to download file. And some times there are Paid surveys also, and you don't want to pay such useless surveys, then just Bypass them to download your file. Many PPD sites have this types of stupid surveys, but now time is changed and here trick to bypass surveys to download files has been revealed.

To view the hidden content of websites without completing the surveys you need to install Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or any Java Compatible Browser in your computer. Now go to the website that wants you to fill in a survey. When you get there it will open up the survey box and ask you to complete it. To bypass that survey for downloads follow below instructions. Here we give instruction for 3 major browser which are used widely.

Instructions for Google Chrome Browser :
  • In Google Chrome Click on the little spanner icon in the right And then Select Options.
  • When the Options window Opens Select Content Settings.
  • Now Click on JavaScript in the top tool bar, And Select Do Not Allow any site to run JavaScript,
  • Now click close and refresh the webpage, It should open up and show you its content without requesting that you do a survey.
  • Once you have finished looking at the webpage repeat the above steps except this time choose Allow All Sites to run JavaScript otherwise some sites wont work.
Instructions for Mozilla Firefox Browser :
  • Firefox Click on tools in the top toolbar, and then select Options.
  • Now when the options open select the content tab, When it opens uncheck the box, that says enable JavaScript and select Ok.
  • Now go back to the website and refresh it, the website should show you its content without a survey, Once done you will need to repeat these steps but click enable 
  • JavaScript as Facebook will not work correctly without it.
Instructions for Internet Explorer Browser :
  • To disable the surveys in Internet Explorer click on tools in the topright hand corner and then select Internet Options.
  • When the options open select the Security Tab and then press the custom Levels Button.
  • Scroll Down to Scripting And Disable the Java Options.
  • Refresh the webpage and it should open fine without showing any surveys. When you have finished looking at the webpage enable scripting again so that you can view facebook correctly.
This is a simple trick which will help you to disable JavaScript in your browser, and there for these types of surveys which uses JavaScript to check whether survey completed or not.

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