How To Find Facebook Profile By Using Picture

Do you know How To Find Facebook Profile By Using Picture ? No, then I will help you to do so. Sometimes we have someones Facebook photo, but we don't know who's picture is this. But using this trick you can easily find any facebook profile by using picture. When any one upload photos to its album Facebook renames that photo in some algorithmic format which help Facebook to show appropriate photo at appropriate profile, by using this advantage we can easily find anyone's Facebook profile.

Just follow steps to find facebook profile by using picture :
  1. Find the file name of the picture. using most of the browser , you can right click on the photo and select view photo or view image .
  2. Look at the file name as example , i found a photo want to find person 's facebook profile ,the file name is 369604_100000653174732_1842501786_q.jpg (Note: the picture on this page as example only ).
  3. Note that the name of this file is in a special format. The file is named with three sets of numbers. From that you can tell that this photo was taken from someone's Facebook page.
  4. Using the filename, locate the middle number. In the example photo 369604_100000653174732_1842501786_q.jpg, 100000653174732 is the middle number.
  5. This number is the profile ID from a Facebook user's profile. In this example the number is 8 digits long. The number may have more digits, it may use up to 15 digits.
  6. Copy and paste the following into your web browser's address bar
  7. At the end put the profile ID number you copied from the filename
  8. Go to the address and you should see the profile of the Facebook user from the picture.
Now you try. Use the picture name: 49231_any profile pic id_9532_n.jpg. which you want to find the person on Facebook.

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