How To Download YouTube Videos Using Opera Mini

Most of mobile users don't know how to download YouTube videos using OperaMini mobile. There are many net surfer who are always online using OperaMini for chatting with Facebook friends or watching YouTube videos, but they don't know that how to download YouTube videos. Everyone knows that youtube is a website containing lots of video files ranging from music videos, tutorial videos, to videos on almost anything!. YouTube videos are always free to download. It's quite easy to download videos when you are using a computer but it seems impossible to download videos from youtube using your mobile phone and opera mini browser. But there is a third party service which is will help you to download YouTube videos using opera mini. It supports lots of other popular sites also.

  1.  Go to youtube's video website 
  2. In the youtube search bar, search for any video you like, e.g. You may type something like this "How to Chat on Facebook using Opera Mini Mobile" in the search bar and then click on search. 
  3. you'll see a list of video search results relating to what you just searched, select any video you like by clicking on it, note, do not click on watch video.
  4. Go to the address bar, i.e. (Where you usually type the address of any website you like to visit.) and click on it, there you'll see an address that looks like this " ".
  5. Delete the [ m. ] and replace it with [ ss ] now your address should look like this" " click ok, a new page (i.e. Download page) where you can download your video will loaded.
  6. On the new page loaded, you will see different video formats with which you can download your video, some of the formats you'll see are ".mp4 .3gp .flv"etc. Select any format you'll like but I'll advice you to choose .mp4, then,
  7. Your opera mini browser will ask you to choose a folder in which you'll like to save your video, choose any folder you'll like and then,
  8. Download the video.
So how it is easy to download youtube videos on your opera mini mobile browser using third party service.

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