Windows 8 Soon to Hit RTM

Windows 8 is soon going to hit RTM (Release to Manufacturing) sign-off in the coming two weeks. It is in its final stages where the Windows team is currently cleaning up the known bugs, giving it final touches like adding new wallpapers, new themes among others.

Windows 8 road to RTM

Though most people will not be pleased with the current changes in the new builds of Windows 8. As previously known (after the release of Release Preview), that RTM will not have Aero, which has been replaced by a much cleaner and flatter metro-like theme. There was still a little hope of customizing left, when in the early builds after the Release Preview that  individual colors can be given to taskbar and explorer. But as seen in the recent builds that option has also been removed. But due to complete removal of Aero the battery life of portable devices has been significantly increased.

Speaking from personal experience, my laptop when on Windows 7 (SP1) used to give me about three and a half hours of basic usage, while now on Windows 8 (Release Preview with Aero) it gives around five hours of basic usage. That's a significant increase, and remember that is with Aero still ON.

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