How To View Hidden Friend List On Facebook

Facebook provides privacy to its user, using this advantage some Facebook users hide their friend list form world. But sometimes there are many reason for that you want to see your friends friend. Using this tutorial you can become able to see your friends friend list on Facebook. And this is very helpful for those who have girlfriend/boyfriend to check whether he/she cheat you. So, get ready to view hidden friend list on facebook.

Here we make use of Facebook friend finder to view hidden friend list on Facebook.

Just follow some simple steps:

  • First of all make new Facebook fake or original account, preferably fake one lolz.
  • Add that guy or girl to your new Facebook account
  • When he/she accepts your friend request(hopefully) then you are having one friend in your friend list.
  • Now according to Facebook algorithm Facebook suggest you that people those who are already in the friend list of your friends.
  • So if you are having just one friend then Facebook show you all the friends.

This is the simple trick to see hidden friend list on Facebook and sometimes may not work for you. If have any problem regarding this tutorial post your doubts in comment section below.

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