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Backtrack 5 is favorite OS of many users, and for that reason backtrack keep releasing its new version. In the third release of version 5 of the BackTrack Linux security distribution fixes several bugs discovered since the R2 release in March and adds over 60 new tools. Several of the new tools were released as part of presentations at the recent Black Hat and DEFCON conferences. The distribution has also added a completely new category of software for "physical exploitation". This category includes libraries and an IDE for the Arduino and the Kautilya toolkit which provides payloads for the Teensy USB development board.

BackTrack can be run as a live CD for added security and flexibility or can be permanently installed on a system. The distribution is developed with security researchers and penetration testers in mind and offers one of the most comprehensive collections of Linux-based security software. Development of the distribution is sponsored by Offensive Security.

BackTrack 5 R3 is available with a choice of KDE and GNOME desktops for 32- and 64-bit machines and the project also provides a pre-built VMware image. ISO images can be downloaded directly from the distribution's mirrors or via BitTorrent. Information on how to install and use BackTrack is available from theproject's wiki.

BackTrack 5 R3 focuses not only on bug-fixes but it also adds over 60 new tools. BackTrack now includes a new tool category - Physical Exploitation - which includes tools such as the Kautilya Teensy payload collection, as well as the Arduino IDE and libraries.

BT5R3-GNOME-64.torrent (md5: 8cd98b693ce542b671edecaed48ab06d)
BT5R3-GNOME-32.torrent (md5: aafff8ff5b71fdb6fccdded49a6541a0)
BT5R3-KDE-64.torrent (md5: 981b897b7fdf34fb1431ba84fe93249f)
BT5R3-KDE-32.torrent (md5: d324687fb891e695089745d461268576)
BT5R3-GNOME-32-VM.torrent (md5: bca6d3862c661b615a374d7ef61252c5)

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