Iphone App : Tricks iT

Tricks iT is an iphone, ipod & itouch app for you ; it is the iphone application for inline rider device at the moment.Tricks iT uses Facebook for social features.
Tricks iT
Features :
* tricks generator for inline games.
* fully customizable option to create your own tricklist.
* each trick is customizable by : trick validated (or not) ; picture of the trick / spot ; localization of the trick / spot ; trick can be manually added.
* online features with facebook and scores.
* facebook features : upload trick in feed ; upload trick in status ; upload score ; upload picture of trick / spot in a “trick it” album ; upload trick picture by mail ; save picture in album roll.
Tricks iT is constantly updated, some features are not on the video.
You can get the app here: Trick iT: Itunes link.

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