Free Calling App For Android (CrowdCall)

Free Calling App For Android (CrowdCall). Using CrowdCall app you can call from your mobile to any mobile like Nokia 1100(b/w) phone also. CrowdCall is allow you to call another party who doesn't have CrowdCall app installed in it. It is also support conference calling where you just need to add contacts to the calling list and press the call button. After you press the call button you and the user(s) you are calling to will receive a call from CrowdCall. Then you just need to press 1 in the dialer and then you will be connected.
It doesn’t require anyone to dial in – instead it makes an outgoing call to all participants as soon as the originator presses the call button. That means that unlike GroupMe or Voxer or any other conferencing service, there are no line or carrier charges for using the service – it is truly free to all. It requires no work on the part of participants to join the conference, they simply answer the call and press “1″ and they are in the conference. No dial in or pins required.

It doesn’t require participants to have the app. If you have the app you can select the people you want to include in the conference from your contact list and hit the call button. CrowdCall's server dials out to everyone using their regular phone number, they don’t need the app or a smart phone or even a mobile phone, they just answer the call on whatever phone they have and they are connected, free of charge.
We use regular phone lines not VoIP connections to the phone. VoIP client does not provide acceptable voice quality outside WIFI coverage. VoIP client also drains your phone battery. We use regular carrier lines up to our servers, that means the highest possible quality call and also lets your phone battery last longer.
It is spontaneous, you don’t need to schedule a call, you can create a group call and start it instantly, no need to send out a dial in number or pin or have participants do anything other than answer the phone!
It saves your data network usage. CrowdCall only uses data connection for call setup; the voice is carried over regular phone lines. So it only consumes a tiny amount of data traffic and saves your data plan bill.

Note : To make free call first party must have Internet Connection, otherwise it isn't working.

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