How To Trace Facebook Friend

Did you know How To Trace Facebook Friend? No, Then here is full guide to trace Facebook Friend. By using this method you can trace your Facebook friend, such as from where he/she is chatting with you and it will show full details such as ISP provider etc.
  • Open start -> select run -> type CMD
  • Now chat with your FB friend
  • And in CMD write “NETSTAT “
Then it will show all the IP address connected with your IP address.

  • The Next Step is to Trace that user using his IP address.
  • To get all details about that IP we will be used IP tracer service. Go to the below address and paste the IP address in the box that says “lookup this ip or website”, and it will show you the location of the user.

It will show you all the information about that user along with his ISP and a Location in the MAP. Now in the MAP Just click on “click for big ip address location” in the big picture you can actually zoom in. and try to recognize the area. If any serious matter just note down the ISP details in that page and contact them about the IP. they will respond you.
Other netstat commands:
-a : Displays all connections and listening ports.
-e : Displays Ethernet statistics. This may be combined with the -s option.
-n : Displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form.
-p : Proto Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be TCP or UDP.
-s : Option to display per-protocol statistics, proto may be TCP, UDP, or IP.
-r : Displays the routing table.
-s : Displays per-protocol statistics. By default, statistics are shown for TCP, UDP and IP; the
-p : Option may be used to specify a subset of the default.

Using this method you can trace Any Friend who is chat with you on Facebook.

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