How To Protect Your Facebook Photo Albums Using DMCA

Protect your private photos using DMCA. Many people upload their personal photo on facebook. And also many brands upload their photos on facebook and there is no protection on facebook to your photo. To solve this problem DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) will help you to do this. They provide Facebook Photo Watermarker. It is one of those preventative actions you can take to increase your protection and decrease your chances of being an online victim of picture re-publication.
If thieves do steal your pictures and publish them without your permission, it's far easier and faster to get them removed if they have been watermarked.
Fun factor Although content protection and security is a serious issue DMCA remembered to include a fun component to this service. With the DMCA facebook WaterMarker you can also personalize your pictures for friends with your custom watermark.
  • Fist of all you need to make Account on DMCA.
  • And Click on Facebook Watermarker in WaterMarker option.
facebook watermark
  • Login to Facebook and click "Get FaceBook Albums".
Facebook Photo Album Button

  • You need to accept the and access the DMCA to use your pics on Facebook.
Acess Facebook to DMCA

  • Select The album you wish to Watermark.
  • Click "Watermark this Album" and wait for a while.
  • If the processing was successful, you will receive a link to your new watermarked album.
Facebook Confirm Message
  • The new album will also be selected in the dropdown list and will have the same name and description plus the legend "WaterMarked by"
Protect Photo Albums on Facebook

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