How To Check Fake Webpage/Website

Now days it is very important fact to check whether webpage fake or not. Because many websites gives knowledge about how to hack website, how to make fake webpage, and phishing script. From reading these types article a small child also make webpage to hack your account, and therefore your privacy may be compromise and your account gets hack. In phishing attack a hacker makes a fake webpage like the original one to steal your email id & password. So to survive from these types of attack i made small java script which help you to detect webpage is fake or not.

  • First of all CREATE A NEW BOOKMARK in your browser then copy & paste following javascript code in URL bar. In name you can give any name like ANTI-PHISHING.
javascript:alert("The actual URL is:\t\t" + location.protocol + "//" + location.hostname + "/" + "\nThe address URL is:\t\t" + location.href + "\n" + "\nIf the server names do not match, this may be a spoof. -");
  • Now if you are thinking you are on fake page then just click on the bookmark which we have made in step 1
  • Now you'll see below type of alert on your browser.

Now if the server names doesn't match then, this page is fake webpage/website.

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