How To Send Free SMS Using Facebook

Today Facebook is a top social community site in the world. Many people daily spend 3-4 hours on Facebook to sharing ideas with friends, or to chat with friends.
But there is no option in facebook to send free sms to your loved ones. Sometimes we need to send sms to our friends, and we know many sites are available on internet to send free sms.
But it is great when Facebook adds this feature to its, As we know Facebook served many third party apps to fulfill our requirement. Similarly, we have one app to send free sms text messages in the world,
we always ready to take this types of advantage to send free text messages to save our money.


To send unlimited free SMS to any mobile in any country, there is one fbapp that is Chatsms. Chatsms help us to send SMS using Facebook, using this you can send sms as many as you want.
But it doesn't support secure browsing, if you enable secure browsing on facebook then you get trouble to use this app. Before using this app you want to disable your secure browsing feature.
Your SMS will sent instantly and destination number will instantly received your text message.

Just follow below steps to send free sms text message to your friends and family :
  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Go to 
  3. Follow the steps and you will send your Facebook text message for free.
This way this facebook app will help you to send SMS to any mobile in India or to any other country in the world. And it support all major and minor carrier in the world.

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