How To Disable Facebook App and Game Requests

Do you want to disable Facebook Apps and Games request notifications? Are you tired and sick from getting these types of requests and now are you searching for how to block Facebook Apps and Games request? then you are at right place. Well, Games and Apps request are so annoying if you don’t even play or know about the game or applications request sent to you. If you have many Facebook friends, then you will get this types of requests daily, reason for that most of people are on Facebook for playing games and using shameless apps now don't worry you can disable it easily using this tutorial. What’s worst is they are flooding your notifications, so I am going to tell you that how to block Games and Apps request in Facebook.

Just follow the steps to Disable Facebook App and Game Requests :
  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • On the upper right corner you can see a drop down menu. 
  • On the drop down menu select Privacy Settings.
  • On Privacy Settings menu look for Blocked People and Apps
  • Click Manage Blocking
  • In Manage Blocking menu Block app invites and Block apps
  • In Block app invites,
  • Block invites from: Type your friends name that always sending you apps and games request.

  • In Block apps, Type the Games or Apps you want to block.
That's all you successfully blocked unwanted Games and Apps Request notification. Facebook always give first preference to protect privacy of users, for that reason no one can send you these types of request to you.

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