How to Burn .ISO image to CD or DVD

ISO images are used to burn into DVD. Here is a clear steps to burn .ISO images to DVD. Maim usage of  ISO image to burn Operating system such as Linux, Windows XP, Vista. There are two types of DVD’s. One is single layer DVD, which can store up to 4.7 GB. Another is double layer DVD, which can store up to 8.5 GB.
1. The first thing you need an open source burning software program such as CDRDAO, which is available for free and then install it in your computer.
2. Insert a blank DVD in your DVD writer and disable the autoplay option, which is shown in your screen. It shows after a moment.
3. Open the installed burning software program.
4. Choose your .ISO image and click the any buttons like “burn”, “copy”, “copy image”.
5. Wait some time to complete the burning process and verify your data.
  • If you drag and drop an .ISO image to burning software program, then burning process starts in a new window automatically.
  • If you already had a burning software program in your computer, then just double-click an .ISO image to burn easily.
  • Use CD-R, if your .ISO image is less than 650 MB and use DVD-R, if the .ISO image is less than 4 GB.
  • Please restart your computer, if burning software asks to restart, before starting the burning process.
  • The names used in burning software program may vary from software to software. So, please read the software documentation for more information.
Things You will need
  • A DVD Drive
  • A Computer
  • A DVD Burning Software
  • An ISO image
  • A DVD Burner
  • A Blank DVD 
  • This [Solved]How page.

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