Techinline - Remote Desktop Access Software

Techinline have brought an outstanding remote support tool that enables instant, fully secure, and flawless connections between remote computers and allows Remote Access all over the web and to any point on the globe. It is Powered by innovative Techinline Remote Desktop technology.
This software is not only targeted towards large bussiness entities, but also suitable for individual PC users.

Techinline supports desktop sharing and file transfer protocol with any firewall and proxy servers. Techinline Remote Desktop is very handy, gives a great user experience and has a browser based remote connection tool. With Techline remote desktop software, your support team can quickly view, diagnose, and fix remote desktops without pre-installing any software. I must say it's the best tool if you are running a support service and need to access client desktops regularly for troubleshooting.

Why Techinline is the best software:

Techinline Remote Desktop has served first rank from the others in the niche due to its awesome handy features, are as
  • Very easy to connect and use.
  • It is transparent to any fairwall and proxy servers, So no one can stop you.
  • Allows to control any desktop remotely anywhere in the world.
  • Allows to Transfer files/clipboard between the remote and local computers.
  • Allows to Reboot and reconnect the remote computer.
  • Allow easy Sending and receiving text chat messages.
  • Provides multimonitor support.
You can get fully-featured 15-days trial of the latest version of the Techinline service at free of cost.
click here and experience the power of Techinline Remote Desktop Support Software.

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